A free, printable checklist for onboarding new staff

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This free childcare onboarding checklist will streamline your onboarding process, ensuring a positive start and long-term success for new staff members.

With this free checklist, you will be prepared to:

  • Share important information about your program's culture and policies with new employees
  • Set your new staff members up for professional success starting day one
  • Plan fun activities to help new team members feel welcome at your center
  • And more!

Why you want to use this childcare staff onboarding checklist

This free childcare onboarding checklist is an essential resource for ensuring a smooth and successful transition for new employees at your program. The comprehensive checklist includes items to prepare before the new employee's start date, such as collecting required paperwork and setting up their workspace. This allows for a seamless beginning and helps new staff feel welcomed and supported from day one.

The checklist also provides detailed steps to follow during the new employee’s first week. It includes orientation activities, introductions to team members and families, and an overview of center policies and procedures. These crucial steps facilitate a strong start by helping new employees understand their roles and responsibilities and integrate smoothly into the team.

By downloading and utilizing this checklist, you can create an organized and welcoming onboarding process, leading to a more engaged and prepared team.

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Download your free checklist!