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Brightwheel was designed to be easy-to-use, secure, and reliable for childcare directors, teachers, and families.

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Why programs love brightwheel over Procare

You’ll get a more intuitive solution

Get reliable access to accurate, real-time data
Brightwheel syncs across all devices, so key updates and family communications never get missed.

More flexible billing plans
Brightwheel offers more flexibility with customizable billing, making it easier to meet the payment needs of every family.

Seamless access from any device
Log into your brightwheel account from multiple devices and easily access the app from any screen.

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Families at your program will be happier

Families stay involved
Brightwheel keeps families involved with real-time learning updates, student portfolios, progress reports, photos, videos, and two-way communication.

Make it easy to pay quarterly or annually
In addition to charging tuition weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly, you can charge tuition quarterly or annually with brightwheel. Charge less frequently to reduce missed payments and offer discounts.

Each student can have multiple payers
Brightwheel makes it easier for families to divide charges between multiple guardians and other payers. 



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You'll save teachers more time 

Proactive student updates
Brightwheel makes it easier for teachers to keep families updated on their child's development as it happens.

Mobile experience designed for teachers
Teachers can easily share each child's activities and milestones with families on brightwheel's mobile app.

No extra compliance work for teachers
Brightwheel offers curriculum and activities that stay compliant with all 50 states’ early learning standards and NAEYC.



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Easily stay compliant

Best-in-class security and payment protection
Brightwheel keeps payment and personal data protected with the highest security and encryption standards, 24/7 monitoring, and PCI Level 1, the highest financial compliance level.

Easily meet licensing requirements
Brightwheel is the easiest way to meet licensing requirements in all 50 states with contactless check-ins, health checks, and room ratios tracking.

Extra support with licensing regulations
Brightwheel is committed to helping you navigate compliance and regulations with the largest support team in the early education industry.



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Automatic billing & payments

Parents pay ahead

Combine agency payments and family payments on a single invoice

Send pictures in messages

Staff scheduling

Overtime and double overtime calculations

Curriculum with hands-on materials

Family communication

Spanish language available in app & Help Center 

Admissions process and waitlist

Lesson plans


Custom reports


Easy to use & save time

Save 20 hours per month of administrative work.

Quality connections

2 out of 3 teachers prefer to work at a program that uses brightwheel.

Manage with confidence

97% of staff report brightwheel is easy to use.

#1 childcare software

Ranked as leading childcare center software based on external reviews.

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What educators are saying

Seamlessly switch from Procare

Roster Upload Tool
Switching to brightwheel is easy when you upload your student rosters. The brightwheel team will import the roster into your brightwheel account so you have all of the information you need from day one.

Onboarding Trainings
Get access to brightwheel Academy, a learning tool to help you, your staff, and guardians make the most out of brightwheel.

Speedy Support Team 
Brightwheel has the industry’s largest support team and will ensure that you get quick answers through live chat. Brightwheel's support team plays a pivotal role in empowering new users to make the most of brightwheel.